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Upgrade your AEG and maximize the potential of your version 2 gearbox AEG with a full-metal, double O-ring, 21.00 millimeter air nozzle created by Maxx! Known for their high quality and long lasting components, the one piece CNC cut Maxx Model Double O-Ring Air Seal Nozzle is crafted using a very lightweight aluminum alloy with a smooth finish. When using performance components such as this Maxx air nozzle, prepare to expect a definite increase in FPS and shooting performance. Unlike many other upgrades, this component will not increase the wear and tear on other gearbox parts while installed. The durable rubber o-rings located inside the body serve to further keep air from escaping while firing your AEG, meaning a tighter air compression. This high flow air nozzle has been created to accommodate most M4/ M16 Version 2 metal gearboxes. Maximize your AEG, have it fire the way it was meant to, and choose this easy and effective upgrade!


  • 21.00mm nozzle increases air flow
  • Easy to install choice as an upgrade
  • Adds FPS to overall muzzle velocity
  • High quality and long lasting component
  • CNC crafted single piece enhances durability
  • Compatible with the version 2 gearbox AEGs
  • Keeps a tight air seal with the hop up bucking
  • Accommodates most version 2 metal gearboxes
  • Lightweight aluminum alloy with a smooth finish
  • Two pre-installed O-rings located inside air nozzle
  • Double O-ring air nozzle provides an excellent seal


Brand MAXX Model
Build CNC Aluminum
Compatibility Most Version 2 Gearbox AEGs
Color Red

Package includes: 1X Double O-Ring Air Nozzle
Package weight: 1 lb

Maxx Model 21.00mm Aluminum Double O-Ring Air Seal Nozzle AEG - RED

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