Our Take: Having a means to hydrate yourself in a milsim or outdoor match is essential to prevent fatigue, dehydration, and maintaining optimal performance. The AMA Mesh 1000D MOLLE Bottle Carrier will provide not only a means of staying hydrated, it can do even more. This easy-to-use bottle pouch is not just compatible with MOLLE, but is also lined with additional webbing, giving this pouch even more applications for use. This means that though it takes up space on your tactical chest rig or other MOLLE equipped items, it also provides more MOLLE than it has taken up, using this pouch adds more MOLLE to use for more essentials on the field!

This MOLLE compatible bottle pouch from the Airsoft Megastore Armory doesn't only carry a bottle for you, it also protects your means of hydration. Its durable construction also prevents flooding of your pouch. This bottle carrier is made from 1000 denier nylon, meaning that your bottle will have a hard time feeling the effects of the tough terrain. Rips, tears, and frays are highly resisted when using this bottle carrier. If for any reason your bottle is punctured and begins spilling out and all over your pouch, a mesh on the base of this bottle carrier will allow your liquids to escape while keeping you bottle intact for an easy clean up!

Having a bottle pouch other than a hydration carrier has many perks that make you'd never think about till they present themselves. Many bottles can fit inside of this carrier to be secured with a bungee strap! This means a variety of your favorite drinks can be held and able to be switched out between matches. Many drinkable bottle sizes can fit in this pouch including 12oz cans, but using your imagination can present other uses for this versatile MOLLE accessory. This durable, expertly constructed pouch can keep you hydrated, equip a variety of additional MOLLE accessories, and is a smart choice in any loadout!

- Carries a wide variety of bottles to stay hydrated.
- Many types of drinks can be held and be switched between matches.
- MOLLE lined along the pouch adds additional webbing.
- A mesh webbing at its base make spilled drinks an easy clean up.
- A bungee retention keeps contents secure while maneuvering.

Materials: 1000d Nylon/Mesh
Compatibility: MOLLE
Length: 23cm
Radius: 8cm

Package Includes: 1x Bottle Pouch

Package weight: 3 lb

AMA Mesh 1000D MOLLE Bottle Carrier - OD GREEN

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