• Element Airsoft 3-pc Protective 6.25 Inch Checkered Rail Covers - BLACK
Our take: Imagine the following scenario: You're at the hottest Mil-Sim Event and there's dirt and debris flying every which way. You charge into battle head and AEG first ready to claim another win. At the cusp of victory you see your foe before you, ready to take aim you bring your rifle up to perfect sight alignment- just then your hands give away across your handguard. As your fingers slide and your perfect shooting postures buckles, your enemy unloads a barrage of BBs your way. It happens. However, it doesn't have to happen to you because you're going to use a textured rail cover to ensure positive control of your airsoft rifle at all times.

Element's three piece nylon fiber handguard rail covers will prove useful in the battle to come. Incredibly durable by construction, these 6.25-inch rail cover segments are just what you need to protect your precious handguard from sudden impact, dings and drops. These shock absorbing panels are the perfect complement to your rifle. The cover's advanced texture and ribbing prevents finger slippage and ensures proper hand placement during quick movements and a variety of weather scenarios.

Installation of these crucial components is easy, simply affix to your handguard and trim to spec as you see fit. Customization and placement is entirely up to you so take hold of your victory and grab a set!

- Incredibly Durable Nylon Fiber Rail Covers Prevent Damage to your AEG Rails by absorbing Sudden Shocks and Drops.
- 6.25-inch Rail Covers Fit Standard 20mm Picatinny Rails and can Trimmed to Size if Needed.
- Don't lose your grip! Textured Rail Ribbing Allows you to Confidently Wield your AEG in a Variety of Environments Without the Worry of Slippage.
- Easy Rail Cover Installation Ensures Your AEG is Protected Within Moments.
- Lightweight and Compact. These Rail Covers are Not going to Bog Down your Handguard are Completely Non-Obtrusive Allowing you to Uninterrupted Game play.

Construction: Nylon Fiber
Compatibility: 20mm Picatinny Rails
Pieces: 3
Texture: Checkered
Weight: 2.8 oz

Package includes: 1x Set of 3 Rail Covers

Color: BLACK
Package weight: 3 lb

Element Airsoft 3-pc Protective 6.25 Inch Checkered Rail Covers - BLACK

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