Our take:  The Element Polycarbonate Piston & Piston Head set is perfect optimizing the performance of your gearbox.  Element's internal upgrades are all constructed to premium standards, making them some of the best AEG upgrade parts on the market for an unbeatable price!  The Element Single Steel Tooth Polycarbonate piston is lightweight and sturdy, allowing it to cycle extremely fast without showing signs of wear.  This quality component is sure to outlast the stock plastic pistons that are normally included with new AEGs.  The single steel tooth ensures that the piston meshes perfectly with the sector gear every time, and it alleviates wear caused by prolonged firing.  The polycarbonate ball bearing piston head increases the consistency of your AEGs FPS, and maximizes compression within your gearbox.  The ball bearing relieves tension on the spring when it is compressed, and allows it to expand at a faster rate.  The polycarbonate piston head features eight ventilation ports and a high quality rubber O-ring, which creates an incredibly airtight seal inside your cylinder.  Airsoft Megastore carries these pistons and piston heads at the lowest price on the market!  Take your high speed AEG to the next level with the Element High Performance Polycarbonate Piston.

Element Polycarbonate Piston & Piston Head for standard gear set Specifications:
- Effective upgrade for stock to high speed AEGs
- Enhances performance while reducing wear with super lightweight polycarbonate construction
- Revolutionary polycarb construction means maximum piston strength without damaging gearbox shell
- Full tooth design, for use with REGULAR GEAR SETS only (not compatible with helical gear sets)
- Ball bearing design to improve consistency
- Polycarbonate piston head with eight ventilation ports

Disclaimer:  Any and all airsoft upgrade parts purchased from Airsoft Megastore will be used/installed at owner's discretion. Actual performance results depend on quality of installation, airsoft AEG barrel length, tightness of the air nozzle seal, and other possible performance-affecting factors.  We are not responsible for any damage that may occur with improper installation.  For best results, please do all upgrades at a certified professional airsoft technician/shop.

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Element Airsoft Polycarbonate AEG Piston w/ Ball Bearing Piston Head

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