Our take:  Removing the battery terminals of a Tamiya style airsoft battery can be difficult, if not impossible, without the right tools.  This NEW Element Tamiya pin plunger makes removing and replacing your airsoft battery terminals extremely fast and easy.  By simply inserting the plunger into the Tamiya connector and pushing down on the plunger, you can instantly remove the terminals from your electric airsoft gun's wiring or battery.  Crafted from high grade CNC aluminum, these Element plungers are built to last.  Whether you are an advanced airsoft tech, or just a hobbyist that likes to work on guns, this high grade and easy to use pin plunger will take the stress out of removing broken or worn Tamiya battery terminals.

- Durable CNC aluminum construction
- Spring tension plunger
- Removes large type Tamiya battery terminal connectors

Compatibility:  Large Type Tamiya Connectors/ Terminals

  Make sure to fully discharge any battery before attempting to remove its terminals.  NEVER let a charged battery's terminals touch once removed from their housing.  We are not responsible for any damage that may occur with improper installation/ removal of Tamiya battery terminals.  For best results, please do all upgrades at a certified professional airsoft technician/shop.

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Element CNC Machined Tamiya Pin Plunger Tool - Large Type

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