Our take: Airsoft protective gear is an essential item for players at all levels. Catching a high-speed BB to the ear not only takes you out of play, it's very painful and can even cause lasting damage to the soft tissue. While Valken 3G Wire Mesh Ear Protector won't protect you from being knocked out of gameplay, it will protect you from the discomfort and potential injury of being shot in the ears. This piece of protective gear is one of the most lightweight and comfortable ear protection options on the market. So much so, that you may even forget you're wearing it during the heat of battle.

Squad communication is an indispensable asset on the battlefield, and the wire mesh that comprises this lightweight ear protection will not obstruct your ability to engage in effective communication with your team. The adjustable elastic top strap goes over the top of your head and is designed to fit any type of headgear. Whether you choose to wear a FAST helmet, MICH helmet, or operator cap, the Valken 3G Wire Mesh Ear Protector will sit comfortably underneath your headgear. For retention purposes, a short adhesive strip with hook fasteners is included that you can apply to the inside of your hat or helmet. The loop portion of the retention system is sewn to the top of the elastic strap, and it attaches securely to the adhesive strip to keep your ear protection securely in place during airsoft engagements.

- Wire mesh protects without obstructing communication
- Hook and loop fastener holds ear protection in place
- Mesh protectors edged with nylon for comfort
- Durable mesh won't bend or break with use
- Tough metal fasteners secure mesh to strap
- Extremely comfortable and lightweight
- Elastic strap fits most users

Compatibility: All Airsoft Headgear
Construction: Wire Mesh, Nylon

Package includes: Ear protectors, adhesive hook strip

Color: TAN
Package weight: 1 lb

Valken Tactical 3G Wire Mesh Airsoft Ear Protector Set - TAN

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