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Keep your face and neck warm and protected from the elements and additionally protected from BB impact using this soft polyester neck gaiter. Able to protect your mouth and lips from exposure to dry, windy environments, placing this stretchable neck gaiter over your nose and mouth provides easier ventilation against dust and debris. Fashioned by ZAN Headgear, this versatile all-in-one neck gaiter is woven from soft polyester material. This conveniently designed piece can be worn as a face mask, a balaclava, or neck warmer! Machine washable and available in a variety of colors, this one size fits most neck gaiter is perfect for the outdoors and a must for airsofters who need added protection for their face and neck.


  • Woven with durable, soft and breatheable polyester material
  • Able to stretch out to be worn over the nose or shoulders.
  • Interior fleece that provides comfort during physical activity.
  • Back panel brings neck coverage for extra safety.
  • Great to use under cold weather conditions.
  • Neck gaiter different appearance for a unique look.


Brand ZAN Headgear
Material Polyester

Package includes: 1X Neck Gaiter
Package weight: 1 lb

ZAN Headgear Airsoft Neck Gaiter Fleece - QUAD PLAID

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